Why Are Pet Vaccinations So Important?

Pets, like humans, need regular checkups to help prevent future diseases or issues from arising that could be happening on the inside but we can’t yet see on the outside. Annual checkups are a must for your pet so your veterinarian can get to know your pet and notice things that change over the years and do general checks and testing for underlying issues that could turn into bigger problems down the road. Just as annual checkups are vital for the health and safety of your pet, vaccinations are just as important. We’re here to share a few reasons why pet vaccinations are absolutely necessary for the health and well being of your pet. If you have questions about certain pet vaccinations or would like to know more about the pet vaccinations our office in Kernersville offers, you can contact us during normal operating hours.

Pet Vaccinations are Preventative

Vaccinations help trigger immune responses and prepare the immune system to fight future infections and diseases. Vaccines provide immunity against one or more diseases that can lessen the severity of a disease or protect against it completely. This means getting your pet vaccinated can help prevent your pet from getting or reacting poorly to naturally occurring diseases and from diseases that spread from pet to pet. Many pet vaccinations can also help protect your pet from diseases passed from wild animals or other pets that are not vaccinated. There are so many ways a pet can attract infections and diseases, but vaccinations are a huge part of helping your pet’s immune system fight back quickly to lessen the severity of the infection or disease or keep your pet from getting it altogether.

Pet Vaccinations Save Money

This may seem like an odd point because pet vaccinations do cost money, but in the long run, they can save you a lot of money. By preventing your pet from getting certain diseases, you can prevent yourself from having a huge animal hospital bill from your pet getting treated. Many diseases that are prevented by vaccinating your pet cost a lot of money to be treated, and some can require your pet to stay overnight in an animal hospital which is costly as well. Paying for a pet vaccination now could save you a lot of money in the future by protecting your pet from sickness and disease.

Pet Vaccinations Save Pain

There are many different infections and diseases a pet can get that a vaccination can help prevent. One of the main reasons we encourage pet owners to get their pets vaccinated and keep the vaccinations updated is it could save you and your pet a lot of pain in the future. Many diseases cause your pet a lot of pain as their immune system works to fight the infection, and sometimes depending on size, age, and health, their body can’t fight it off without the added help of a vaccination. Even if their body can fight it, there can be lasting effects your pet will have to live with the rest of their lives. Not only will this cause your furry friend physical pain, but it can also cause emotional pain if they aren’t able to run and play like they used to. There is also the pain that all this can cause you, the owner. Losing a pet is a horrible loss, and there is a deep pain there. There’s also a pain that comes from watching the pet you love suffer while they work to recover. Having your pet up-to-date on their vaccinations can save you both pain and heartache that you could have avoided.

Pet Vaccinations Are Recurring

Many people don’t realize that certain pet vaccinations, such as rabies, are not a one and done vaccination. They are a recurring vaccination that needs to be done a year after the first vaccination and every three years after that. Some pet vaccinations are one and done, but be sure to talk to your local veterinarian to schedule updated vaccinations for your pet to help keep them safe from potential diseases and infections. It makes us so sad when a pet owner is confused as to how their pet got rabies or another infection when they had them vaccinated many years before. Recurring shots can be necessary for some vaccinations, so be sure you’re discussing this with your veterinarian and scheduling the updated shots.

(Some) Pet Vaccinations are Required

Many pet vaccinations are required by law to protect your pet and other animals. In North Carolina, the rabies vaccination is required for cats, dogs, and ferrets. This is mainly due to the threat rabies are for animals and humans and because of how quickly rabies spread. To help stop the spread and protect humans and animals alike, the rabies vaccination is required by the state. Be sure to check your local laws as well for requirements of pet vaccinations.

At Guilford College Vet, we can provide all the pet vaccinations your furry friends need. If you’re in the Kernersville area, schedule an appointment with us today to get your pet all caught up on their vaccinations and get their regular checkup too. We’re here to help your pet live a long, healthy life, and that starts with basic checkups and up-to-date vaccinations. Help your furry friend stay strong and healthy as long as possible with the proper care and support from your Kernersville pet clinic.

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  • Eli Richardson, December 16, 2022 @ 12:27 pm Reply

    It’s very interesting to know that some vaccinations must be done after a few months or years to keep your pet healthy. I just adopted a puppy, and she had some vaccines done, but I think she’s missing a couple, so I’ll follow your tips about consulting with a vet next week. I appreciate your advice on getting my pet vaccinated to protect her from rabies.

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