Is Your Pet Telling You It’s Time to Go To the Vet?

Regular checkups at your local vet are important to help keep your pet happy and healthy. They may not love going to the vet, but they will love feeling better if there are any underlying conditions you may not know about that your local vet can address to get your pet back to 100%. But sometimes visits to your local animal hospital are needed in between those regularly-scheduled appointments, and you may not even know it. Your pet may be trying to tell you something is wrong or off, but since they can not actually say that to you, they find different ways to show you.

8 Ways Your Pet Is “Telling” You It’s Time to Go To the Vet

  1. Their Eating Habits Change
    If your pet misses a meal here or there because they do not seem hungry, that is understandable. Maybe they ate too much at the last meal and do not want to eat more right now. But if you notice a definite change in how much or how little your pet is eating, that could be a sign something is going on.
  2. Their Drinking Habits Change
    There is such a thing as a pet drinking too much water. If you notice your pet suddenly drinking way more water than they used to or not drinking enough water, it’s time to visit the animal hospital to find out what is wrong.
  3. Their Bathroom Habits Change
    For the most part, pets (dogs especially) have a pretty regular bathroom schedule and go about the same amount every day if they are eating the same portions of food each day. So if you notice their stool suddenly becomes runny or they can not go to the bathroom, there are several things that could be causing this, and it’s time for a trip to the vet.
  4. Their Personality Changes
    If you have a sweet pet that suddenly starts biting people or your generally calm pet suddenly becomes hyperactive, it means your pet is trying to tell you something. They could be in pain or just feel off and not know what is wrong, so schedule an appointment at the animal hospital as soon as possible so they can figure out what is bothering your pet.
  5. Their Breathing Changes
    Rapid breathing right after playing or running around is to be expected, but if your pet starts panting when they have been lying around all day, there is something happening under the surface. On the flip side, if your pet’s breathing becomes strained, their airway may be blocked, but in either case, schedule an appointment with your local vet to get your pet checked out.
  6. Their Fur Changes
    Excessive hair falling out, bald spots, loose hair, skin irritation, and more are all signs your pet’s body is trying to warn you something is wrong. It could be thyroid disease which is common in pets or something else, but your local animal hospital can run tests to determine the root cause and get your pet feeling and looking great again.
  7. Their Eyes Change
    If your pet’s eyes begin to water, they start drooping, their pupils are constricted, their eyes turn red or puffy or you notice them trying to scratch them a lot, this could be a sign your pet has allergies or it could be something else entirely. Your pet may have a scratched cornea, an infection or a number of other things, so it’s best to consult your vet to find out what is causing your pet’s eyes harm.
  8. Their Health Changes
    This one may seem obvious, but your pet’s health changing could be anything from excessive coughing to regular vomiting to clearly showing signs they are in pain. Your pet may begin whining or limping or wincing to show you they are in pain and need help. Just because you can not see a problem does not mean there is not one there.

Our pets are smart animals and will do what they can to “talk” to us and share how they feel, but we may have to listen a little harder at times as they may not “tell” us very loudly what is going on. If you think your pet is trying to tell you something is wrong, talk to your local animal hospital. Letting the vet check on your pet could just save their life.

If you are in the Greensboro area and are looking for an animal hospital with veterinarians who care about your pet as much as you do and want to see them happy and healthy, Guilford College Vet is the place for you. Schedule an appointment today for your pet and let us help you “listen” to what they have to “say” about their health.

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  • Zachary Tomlinson, May 23, 2022 @ 11:03 pm Reply

    It’s impressive how veterinarians could quickly pinpoint the reason why your pet suddenly feels lethargic while avoiding the food offered to them. I had no idea that these could be symptoms of an underlying disease. Having someone who could help your pet recover from these ailments is indeed a great idea.

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