About Guilford College Animal Hospital

Guilford College Animal Hospital (GCAH) provides general practice veterinary care. Our experienced veterinarians and staff work with our partner clinic, After Hours Veterinary Emergency Clinic (AHVEC), to deliver advanced veterinary services 24 hours a day.

While this special relationship between GCAH and AHVEC makes us a 24 hour vet in Greensboro, our general practice services are also available by appointment, M-F 8 AM – 6 PM or by walk-in. 

24 Hour Convenience

Continuity of Care

24 Hour Veterinary Clinic

With emergency vet care and 24-hour veterinary care under one roof. It is complete pet care on YOUR schedule. GCAH and AHVEC together provide ease of service: medical records shared between the 2 clinics; ease of care: no more transferring your pet in critical condition; and peace of mind: your pet’s health is always a priority with our veterinarians our staff.  This is how we deliver effective continuity of care.

  • Convenience: Because of our special relationship with Guilford College Animal Hospital, our comprehensive emergency facilities are available to you around the clock.
  • Continuity of Care: AHVEC & GCAH together provide ease of service — medical records shared between the 2 clinics, ease of care, and no more transferring your pet in critical cond sition.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Previously established patients will pay regular service prices for all wellness and medical needs anytime they come in to our facility 24/7/365.

We pride ourselves on educating clients so they can make decisions in the best interest of their pet and their family. Your pet receives the best possible care at Guilford College Animal Hospital because we care to tailor diagnostic and therapeutic protocol, after educating you about your pet’s condition and the diagnostic and therapeutic options available. 

Our Veterinary Team


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